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I am passionate about Colour!  You will be amazed how much a difference wearing the right colour will make to how you look and feel.  I am sure you have encountered someone saying to you – you don’t look very well today – are you O.K?  – and you are fine!  I can guarantee it is the colour you are wearing – making you look tired and worn out.

First impressions are everything!  How you look and present yourself can determine how you are perceived.  Colour reflects the mood, can invoke emotions, feelings, and can give you a great emotional boost.!  When you are feeling low – choose one of your best bright colours – and you will be amazed how this will give you a great pick- me up.

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Have you ever wondered why Colour is so Important?

Imagine a world without colour – colour impacts our personal and business lives – colour  also enriches our lives – Why?Colour is light reflected. Without light  there could be no life.

Colour Communicates subconsciously. Do we sometimes take this powerful tool for granted??  The Psychology of colour can really assist you in many ways. in communication with others – you have a powerful asset to use consciously.

For Example:

RED: Physically stimulating.  Used when a visual impact is important.  Creates an impression of physical strength – or it can be stressful and aggressive – Tip:  Do not wear Red for a job interview!

BLUE: The colour of communication, soothing and calming. Intelligent, executive, responsible, self-reliant .

YELLOW:  The colour of intellect, inspiring, uplifting, knowledge and wisdom.  Focuses on the emotions.

GREEN:  Center of the light spectrum, represents perfect balance.  Presents no strain, is vital to life.  We are refreshed and restored by spending time amid the greenery.

NAVY: You have chosen the colour that identifies as the wisest of all colours.  You could be a judge, executive, or a business manager, for you enjoy decision-making.  Being very wise, you show good judgment of character.  People respect you for your intellect.  You are the favorite suit of lawmakers.

BLACK: Black is powerful, black is mighty, but black can also be closed to light and openness.  Sometimes black can be used for strength, sometimes for protection, but black can image a barrier between you and others. But if you’ve chosen black because of being despondent or down, open the door and let the sunshine and Colour in.

Did you know why Restaurants are often decorated in RED, YELLOW  OR RED???   They are stimulant colours – so if you don’t want to overeat – don’t decorate your kitchen in these colours –

BLUE is an appetite suppressant !!



Colour Analysis allows us to know what colours suit us best, colour is a NO Cost item – therefore it makes sense to find out what are our best Personal Colours so we can enhance our natural features.  With our unique Colour by Dezine Colour Analysis system of identifying your personal Skin, Hair and Eye Colour – your personal palette of colours will be a great asset – it is like having a Professional Colour Consultant with you when you shop!!




Georgie, in the incorrect Colour and Makeup – Warm Autumn                                               

Georgie, in the Correct Colour and Makeup – Cool Winter












LOOK  – at the difference of Georgie with the correct colour scarf and makeup in the stunning Pink and in the wrong colour of the Orange/Red  and Warm Makeup.  This is not right for Georgie, she looks tired, her complexion is dull with a yellow tinge, the eyes have lost their sparkle and look smaller, teeth are yellow – isn’t amazing what a difference the right colour for your Personal Skin , Hair and Eyes make!



Now is the time for YOU to Discover your own Personal Colours

with our Free Online Colour Analysis App



Blog written by Fran Muntz, Director of Beauty for You

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